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Bhabha Pass Trek

The Bhabha Pass Trek is more than what you can imagine. If you are an ardent admirer of mountains, the Bhabha Pass Trek is surely going to be unpredictable at every stretch and turn. While trekking, one can witness various buildings like Kungri Monastery, Ki Monastery and Tabo Monastery. Located at an elevation of 4,865 meters, this trek starts from Kafnu. The trail passes through one of the most impressive mountain areas of the Himalayas i.e. Hansbeshan peak. Mesmerizing background of the historical monuments en route makes it one of the scenic treks in India.
One of the least explored treks in the Indian Himalayan region, Bhabha Pass Trek in Himachal Pradesh is one of the alpine treks and stretches from an elevation of 2,700 meters to 4,865 meters. The Bhabha Pass at an elevation of 4,865 meters acts as a bridge between the rich Kinnaur valley and barren landscape of Spiti. Thus the Bhabha Pass Trek fascinates you with its changing topography, from the evergreen and rejuvenating naturescape of Kinnaur valley to the stark cold desert of Spiti valley. The journey becomes more adventurous as it crosses two other major mountain passes, the Kunzum Pass at 4,551 meters and Rohtang Pass at 3,987 meters. Moreover, the trail moves through several quaint villages that reflect the ancient Indo-Tibetan culture and one can even pay a visit to several Gompas that houses ancient manuscripts and paintings. The major attractions are the Kungri Monastery, Ki Monastery and Tabo Monastery. Further, when stepping into the villages one will surely blend with the hospitality, cultural clamour with the hard lifestyle and beautiful architectural walls that makes the journey profound. The Bhabha Pass Trek is thus a fusion of natural spectrum and cultural diorama. The Bhabha Pass trek commences from one of the least explored villages of Kinnaur district, Sangla at 2,700 meters, which is approximately a 5 – 6 hours of drive from Shimla. Before you go for the Bhabha Pass trek, you will be having a practice trail that leads to Rakcham village and thereafter to Chitkul, which is the last border outpost on Indo – Tibetan border. The actual journey to Bhabha Pass starts from Kafnu at 2,200 meters, which is a few hours of drive from Sangla. From Kafnu the trek follows a gradual ascend to Mulling at 3,280 meters and then leads to Kara at 3,560 meters. One can spend some ideal hours on its reach vicinity that is dotted with several colourful flowers. From Kara the trail turns to Phustirang at 4,200 meters and one can have a spectacular view of the Hansbeshan peak that lies at an elevation of 5,840 meters. From Phustriang there is a steep climb to Bhabha Pass and later the trail continues to Chhochhoden at 4,000 meters. The trail follows several uphill and downhill treks and hence it is the most difficult part on the entire journey. From Chhochhoden the trek leads to Kaza via Mud along the Pin River. Later from Kaza the journey wheels to Manali via Gete village and Ki Monastery. The Bhabha Pass trek is one of the most difficult treks in Himachal Pradesh that changes its landscape at every turn. Hence it is recommended only for trekkers having prior experience of high altitude trekking with proper skills.

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